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This little ditty was written in response to the BBC Radio Cornwall 2011/2012 Stroke Appeal. The particular event was the handing in of unwanted Christmas presents to Radio Cornwall, and the subsequent auction of these 'gifts' on Lemon Quay. The poem was sent in to Radio Cornwall and acknowledged, but, disappointingly, not read out on air, nor did it receive the seal of approval from the West Briton.



\Passed present future


A favourite Aunt is Aunty Mary

She lives up North in Inverary

And her hobby? Always knitting!

(Availability of wool permitting)

No-one at knitting could be better

November project? Fair Isle sweater.


Came December, parcel mail!

Down from Scotland, without fail

Christmas Day, unwrapping time!

A Fair Isle jumper! And it’s mine!!

I hate to say - it fitted me.

But, very jazzy! Not my cuppa tea!


Came January, I called at Lemon Quay

And left it with the BBC

To sell it for the Stroke Appeal

I felt guilty, but the cause was real.


The following week, came Aunty Rae

She called from Truro, on her way

“A gift !” she said, “I know you’ll fancy”

Inside the bag? A jazzy gansey !!

The Fair Isle jumper! It was here again!

This time I’ll keep it! Don’t complain!

Phoenix-like it came back, so we’ll

Thank both Aunties, and the Stroke Appeal!

So, when you see me in my flashy gansey

Please don’t call out “You proper pansy!”



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