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Written in support of Joy Bloor, who runs the Cornwall Tortoise Sanctuary at Topanga, Sticker near St Austell in Cornwall.

Cornwall Council in their wisdom, having sought the advice of 'experts', have come to the conclusion that tortoises are 'wild' animals and that therefore Topanga cannot be allowed to continue calling itself a Sanctuary, but must be redesignated as a Zoo, which will bring in some cash for the Council .. surprise! surprise!


I thought tortoises only came into this country as pets .. therefore they are not wild, but domesticated.

I, and many others, think the Council is being totally heavy-handed and over-the-top with this edict. Joy has been served with a closure order .. there are 28 days to allow an appeal ... we wish her all success in this fight ... and we hope Cornwall Council end up with either egg on their collective un-elected face or better still tortoise droppings.


Give Joy Bloor at Topanga all your support please!






Our ‘beloved’ Cornwall Councillors,

A constant source of wonder,

Have gone and done it once again!

They’ve made yet another blunder!


Most believe all tortoises in this land

Are domestic pets .. not wild.

So, how can the tortoise sanctuary be banned

And called a Zoo? .. we are riled!


Just listen to the people’s voice,

‘Stuff’ your ‘experts’ .. heed our wishes.

You’ve made a really stupid choice.

You’re being overly officious.


Which ‘clever dick’ thought up this plan?

He must be quite a dumbbell!

Now the tortoise poo has hit the fan

Has he slipped into his shell?


Do you fear to break if you slightly bend,

If you turn as you onwards hurtle?

Bring this folly to a happy end!

Go on! Be really brave .. turn turtle!


As Joy Bloor takes this to appeal,

We’re on her side at Topanga.

It’s been a worrying ordeal

Through our Council’s latest clanger



Tortoise Poo raid on County Hall

Chief Executive says:

“They tortoise a lesson!”



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