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This little ode was written in response to a letter to the West Briton (Aug 18th  2011) in which Mr Terence G Wright referred to all dog owners as 'moronic' ... it saw a large response from the Cornish public ..



Is Wright Wrong?

There’s a gent’ lives in Probus called Wright

Whose bark could be worse than his bite

He’s one of those moaners

Shouts “Moronic!!” to all dog owners

His language is most impolite!


Could it be he who hates cockerels calling?

Who thinks that their noise is appalling?

What with dog paws and dog poo

And cockerels too

Is there anything Wright thinks is enthralling?


So come on, dog lovers, be kind

We can’t all be of the same mind

Just listen intently

Treat Mr Wright gently

Please don’t let your dog bite his behind!!


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