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Inspired on finding a bedraggled, wet abandoned teddy bear at East Lodge Car Park, Tehidy


abandoned teddy bear


Izzy offers a little sympathy, but the poor Teddy is inconsolable, the stuffing starting to work loose from his mouth ...


teddy bear with Izzy



The Tehidy Teddy

For years I’ve lived with Mary-Sue

One of her favourite toys

But she grew up, as young ones do

And started dating boys

And then, without a word to me

Off to the woods we went …

She left me sitting ‘neath a tree

And I knew what unloved meant

I sat there in the wind and rain

It soaked right through my stuffing

But worst of all? That was the pain

No hugs … no love … just nothing

As I lay there, cold, damp, lonely

‘Twas then I could imagine

The sadness caused in Honah lee

To Puff the Magic Dragon …

And if you've forgotten 'Puff the Magic Dragon' or you are pretending to be too young ... see the next page ... can you remember the tune?

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