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'Odd' strawberries, scramble bikes

and missing Nepalese Choirs ..


Fragaria mugaria



Why is your face the colour of red rose?

Why are you all over yellow spots?

Why have you got so large a nose?

You have a scent that’s fruity … somewhat

But, stop this ode, a tear is shed

Play ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

Someone’s just bitten off your head

That spotty face was there to sever (or is it ‘savour’?)


   Cornish 'Foot'paths

What does it matter what you do so long as you tear  ‘em up!

John Pertwee’s 'Cornish postman'!

(Are you so old that you can remember?)


I’ve a brand new high powered scramble bike

It was a Christmas gift

I can ride it anywhere I like

P'raps the footpath on the cliff

I know I’m not supposed to ride there

But who will stop me?  Who will try?

I’ll rip up the path because I don’t care

I’m above the law---vroom! Vroom! bye bye!


This little ditty came about because no matter which footpath we use, be it in the woods, along the cliffs, through valleys, along the towans ... the ripped-up grass, flowers, sand and soil bears ugly testament to the recent and often frequent passage of fast-churning deep-treaded tyres of scramble bikes ... this, in spite of the prominent notices banning such machines. There seems little point in such banning notices if no-one is prepared to deal with the violators. Perhaps if one in every ten could be caught, their bike confiscated, only to be redeemed on payment of a hefty fine for the first offence, and confiscated and crushed for the next offence then others might heed the signs.

Come on Government and Councils ... get it sorted out!!


April 2011 ...

Band on the run: Nepalese choir flies to Heathrow for Cornish gig... and vanishes!





There’s a one-eyed yellow idol …


A choir of males from Nepal

Whose intention was just to enthrall

Their plane, it touched down

They got lost in Town

No one knew what fate them did befall!


They had travelled from far Khatmandu

Where the famed one-eyed idol’s on view

All’s well that ends well

At the end of this tale

Khatmencould ! Khatmendid ! Khatmendo!!


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