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Occasional Poems

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All are pictures of bumble bees







Bees Wax Lyrical


Iím a very humble bumble bee

And a quite substantial weight

One of the tasks so hard for me

Is how to levitate!


Iíve only got the tiniest wings

And have to flap them very fast

I could really do with extra springs

For that boosted take-off blast



Just recently I had a thought

A really clever wheeze!

Listen to the local gale report,

And take off into the breeze!


When I finally get into the air

Well then itís easy-peasy

I zoom around without a care

Itís really quite bees kneesy!


So there you have it Ö here I fly

Like the Cornish rugby team

In my black and gold, my head held high

Top speed, forward at full steam!








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