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This little ode was sparked off by an item on the front page of the Packet referring to the possibility of Scorrier becoming the 'New United Downs'

This has now been resolved ...

We’re Down in the Dumps

I’m a busy County Councillor and I do important work

I solve very difficult problems and never accept a perk

Let me give you an example of a recent fine decision

The refuse dump beside St Day will close so here’s my mission

You’ll have heard of the Bermuda Triangle where ships just disappear

Well, we’ve decided to create our own right here, at Scorrier

We’re going to dump our rubbish there and our Triangle will be even odder

We’ll make the Fox & Hounds disappear, and Crossroads, and even Rodda’s

Local householders will get free nosepegs and the cyclists on the Trail

Will be supplied with gasmasks for the very obnoxious smell

Yes ! I’m a super County Councillor and for this scheme I’ll work real hard

Just in case another site is picked which could be my back yard

So 'One And All' applaud this scheme what think you of the show so far ?

It’s another load of County Council rubbish after loads of Blah Blah Blah !

Come on County Councillors, get a grip, use your brains. think again !!!

Or Trelawny’s Army will re-form and cause you considerable pain !!!

Copyright 2006  Clodagh Rubbisch


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