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This odd ode was concocted at the time of the fuel fiasco, with cars queuing at forecourts in response to advice to fill up jerry cans. At the same time we were being told that hot Cornish Pasties were to attract 20% VAT.

 It was emailed to the West Briton, and has eventually been printed, sadly after the episode was forgotten, fuel strikes have receded, fuel prices have fallen, but the pasty argument continues!!I

Stop Press ,, a bit of back-tracking by the Government .. pasties straight from the oven will not attract VAT, but those from the 'keep them warm' cabinet are still liable for 20% VAT ... what a life!!




Itís Past-y Joke


There are times (I know you will agree),

When life can seem so cruel

Like when my car was number forty three

In a lengthy queue for fuel


Tempers were getting very short

 Some behaviour was quite nasty

When I had a rare but clever thought!

For tea tonight Iím going to have ..

..  a Steak and Stilton Cornish pasty


I ordered one by mobile phone from Rowes,

 For collection when Iíd received ..

.. my meagre fuel Ďallowanceí

Now, this is how my crafty thinking goes..

By the time I go to pick it up ..

.. after all my patience ..


It will have cooled sufficiently ..

.. below the ambient temp ..

(Though how this will be measured ..

.. and will I have to pay?)

.. that I will, from the ******  VAT, be totally exempt

Iíll sit in my car (engine switched off) ..

.. and eat it right away!



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