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Poems 26

Dualling at Temple




Double Vision


Whilst in the Land of Nod last week

I had the oddest dream.

I met a man from Camelot

About the Euro-lottery scheme.


He said a ticket bought in Stevenage

Six months ago had won

A prize of sixty four million pounds!

Wow!  A truly handsome sum!


Then, in that dream I heard

A shout  I think its mine!

 Thus began a frantic ticket search

Im sure Ive won, I have but little time!


Twas then this extraordinary vision

Took a most unusual turn.

For our winner went to County Hall

And said To whom it might concern..!


Im willing to donate

The bulk of all these Euro millions

Towards the cost of dualling

The Chivvy Carland road cos its a hilly un


And so, in this peculiar dream

A Cornish wish was granted.

We all have driven Cross to Cross

And on frustrating stop-go journeys ranted.


Then I awoke from slumber

To hear Lazzer announce on air

That dualling indeed was promised.

Alas, not Chivvy, but elsewhere.


Yes, the pinchpoint up at Temple

Is going to be dualled.

That will help save many damaged lives.

And that ticket? Wrong numbers! Cruel!


So well have to wait a little more

To achieve that Chivvy mission.

Keep your eyes on that dualling target.

Set your sights on a 2020 vision!




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