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Poems 25

'Warren' Piece .. Aunty's Boobs!





'Warren' Piece


The BBC has made mistakes

(Not least in recent years),

But recent badly thought out plans

Caused many Cornish tears.


I refer to money-saving cuts

From ‘them in charge’ in London.

To them there is ‘no other route’.

With them one cannot reason.


How can they balance such a cut

To save the BBC some cash

‘Gainst their offer to Mr Entwistle

Of a half a million ‘splash’?


Of Radio Cornwall we are proud.

It serves the South West fine.

We’ve all heard our friend say on air

“Radio Cornwall’s my lifeline!”


Let me single out one ‘slot’:

Our evenings with Duncan!

There’s no way it can be replaced,

We have every right to question


The lifeblood of our community!

It’s paramount to Cornwall.

Our local Radio station

Tops the list for One and All!


Our revered PM, D Cameron

Has said, “Locality is key”

That’s as it was with Duncan Warren

And our South West radio family


The BBC has truly blundered

And if they want to make amends

Arken! Arken to your listeners!

Reconsider! Bring back our friends!


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