a remembrance of Cornish days





Poems 24

Abu Qatada and Julian Assange





All Those in Favour say Aye!


Human Rights?

It gets madder and madder!

Heís still here, is Abu Qatada!

It more than just irks

As he smirks and he smirks

Drop him off at

the Jordanian border!


As we pay for

his stay in our land

What díyou think

Of his latest demand?

ďI donít like to grouse.

But Iíd like to move house

Hope you donít think

Iím forcing your handĒ


Well, thatís said! 

Now. Mr Assange!

Yellow as custard,

Limp like blancmange!

Says heís white as the snow!

Prove it in Sweden,

Just go!

Instead of raising

That single phalange!


Apart from the

Swedesí accusations

Julianís upset

The American nation

Caused Obama to bristle

As he blew on his whistle

And wikileaked

choice information


Human Rights?

Gone too far, we declare.

Why should preference

Be afforded this pair?

The majority say

Letís help them

On their way

To Stockholm! To Jordan!

Fairís fair!



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