a remembrance of Cornish days







Poems 21 & 22

The first to mark the lodging of a bond to allow Truro City FC to continue playing ...

The second to mark the deposing of our esteemed Cornwall Council leader on a vot of 'no confidence'




       'BOND WAND'


 After 50 years of Bond attraction,

 ‘Brosnan, Connery, Lazenby, Moore,

Craig, Dalton’, loads of action!

In Truro give three cheers for ..


The ‘Perryman’ and ‘Masters’ scheme

They’ve lodged a very special Bond

To rescue Truro City football team.

A timely, temporary magic wand!


Their precious bond merits distinction

We all had toes and fingers crossed

To save White Tigers from extinction

We really thought that all was lost.


They have answered fervent prayers,

And ‘Bond-like’ staged a rescue.

Now it’s for Lee Hodges and his players

Though shaken, stirred to win through!


Let’s make up for our switchback ride.

Let’s climb way up that table!

You’ll have to swim against the tide.

With our support, we know you’re able!


PS   You’re a couple of good fellas

We all wish you “Oll an Gwella!”







Alas! Alack! Alec!


So it’s farewell to dear Alec

Our leader’s been deposed

We’d no need for our pet Dalek

To turn him into toast!


He’s got a well-deserved come-uppance

Ring the bells!! Rejoice! Three cheers!

He’s the man who cared not tuppance

For the Tortoise Rescue, just crocodile tears


Here, typically, he rode roughshod

‘Twas not his only clanger

So, it has come to pass that this Tin God

Can reflect and look back in Topanga!


He can withdraw into his little shell

And let democracy take its course

Our rebuilt Council, we wish well

Jedi-like “May with you be the force!”



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