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Full moon and the Olympic rings

2012 Olympic Experience




















































































Some Recollections


We watched in awe and admiration

As around La France he streaked.

Bradley Wiggins roused the nation

We all wore sideburns on our cheeks!


Then, before the cheers had died away,

The Opening Ceremony unfurled.

Our Olympic Games were underway,

Host to all Nations of the World


Our Queen arrived majestically by ‘chute.

Whilst Brunel built, Bean’s finger tapped! 

Flags of all nations waved salute.

The crowd cheered, laughed and clapped.


Helen and Heather powered to our first gold.

McKeever’s canoe flew like Usain!

Nicola Adams just knocked ‘em cold!

Chris Hoy hit ‘em for six in the fast lane.


Dujardin and her mount were brilliant.

Laura’s Omnium win .. a joy!

Ben kept his promise on the waterfront.

Brownlee’s Triathlon was the real McCoy!


Andy made us hoarse with shouting,

And you can’t say Federer than that!

Jessica Ennis’ Heptathlon? Overpowering!

Victoria, our Keirin Queen! Tough cat!


Joshua, Campbell and Adam .. boxing golds.

Jade Jones .. Taekwando queen!

Kenny’s cycling sprint left opponents cold!

Wilson hit the target, Rutherford’s leap was keen!


We were proud too of our golden teams.

In dressage, show-jumping, rowing,

Cycling team pursuit, sculls .. it seems

There was so much to set us glowing!


One more Olympian who set us all on fire?

Who could omit Mo Farah with his ‘double’

Here is a man who truly inspires.

Now father of twins! Mo Bot’s Double Trouble!


We thought it was all over! There was more!

The Paralympians arrived to wow us all.

‘Disabled’? .. p’raps now we know the score,

As ‘able-bodied’ we’ve had a wake-up call!


With missing limbs, defective vision, or palsy,

We watched titanic feats which left us breathless.

Like Ellie Simmonds, who though small, she

Caused us all to sit up and take notice!


For Jonnie Peacock they sang “Send him Pistorius!”

 ‘Happy and Glorious’ was ‘WereWolf’ David,

For gold in four events he was victorious!

Hannah Cockcroft thrilled us in her golden bid!


Helena took the wind out of opponents’ sails.

Whilst Sarah cycled to a four gold haul.

Danielle Brown proved she was as hard as nails.

Smiling Sophie on Janeiro was Belle of the ball.


I’m sorry if I’ve missed a name,

P’raps Craig’s or Hynd’s or Bushell’s,

Frederiksen’s, Applegate’s and Baker’s fame.

Their golden successes are a memorial.

Sadly, although I thought I had covered all our gold winners either individually or by hinting, I must apologise that I had not included a verse for our Cornish Paralympian swimming star, Jonathan Fox.

So. my apologies to Jonathan! Here is a special verse in his honour

I thought I’d mentioned all ‘gold’ stars

But here’s an apology to make it even

Did I forget? Jonathan Fox is one of ‘ours’!

He’s our Cornish swimmer from St Stephen!


And memorials too are the famous stamps,

And those post boxes painted gold.

We honour you! .. you are true champs!

Your successes will long be extolled.


Perhaps a lasting thought we’ll treasure

Has been the friendship shown between

Participants, spectators. Will this spill over

To become the norm in the world scene?


And the dilemma for the BBC?

This year’s ‘Personality’ choice!

Why not 'joint gold winners'? Sixty three!

Construct a larger plinth! We'd all rejoice!



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