a remembrance of Cornish days

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Mining Heritage Project


(June/July 2008)


Approaching the Tramway Tunnel from the Carnkie direction


Both ends of the tunnel are set to be curtained for a production by Camborne School within the tunnel confines


The sides of the tunnel and the SW end (below) are covered in very artistic representations of all-things-mining ... this is where I first met Allesandra doing her measuring and planning on a windy day in early June ... it turned out really well Allesandara !! Brilliant !

On the sides of the Flat Lode Trail ...


... are these assorted depictions of the mining history of the area


... yet more ...

... and more ,,,

... and more ,,,

... and more ,,,


... and more ,,,


... and more ,,,


... and more ,,,


... and more ,,,



Below ... home-made 'crows', each with an appropriate short miner's poem attached

... and on the right, two Bal Maidens (from Richard Lander School) pose for the local roving reporter ...




A Richard Lander project ilustrating that Archimedes knew the right way to make 'the Earth move' when the occasion presented itself !! Machinery put together by the Richard Landers School 'Levers' Group

... and finally, a relatively impromptu mining play is taking place nearby ...



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