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Mining Heritage Project


(June/July 2008)


Photographing the 'smoking' engine houses for the local newspapers (see the front page of the current West Briton)

Woolf's Engine House on Condurrow

Looking from Treskillard towards Troon


Across Newton Moor


South Wheal Frances

These six pictures taken in the evening sunshine of Monday June 30 2008


All remaining pictures taken on the morning of Tuesday July 1 .. before the threatened rains arrived to spoil the occasion ..

Waiting for the school parties to arrive to set up their projects on the hillside of Carnkie


Wheal Basset country and the Flat Lode Trail with Carn Marth in the background as final preparations were beginning ..


Picture looking back .. party of horse-riders from Wheal Buller off to see the Mining Extravaganza


At the far end of the Tresavean Trail (linked to the Flat Lode) where part of the old mineral line is preserved


On the left, some of old granite setts of the mineral railway above Lanner, and, below, a large group of cyclists from Lanner School ready to cross the road and heading for the Flat Lode Trail and the Imagineers Project ... they waited quite a long time because Ben's rear wheel locked up so he had to be escorted back to Lanner to change bikes ...


Granite setts on a 'siding' on the mineral railway track linking the Flat Lode to the Tresavean Trail


On the side of Carn Kie looking towards Carn Brea, a party of schoolchildren preparing their Imagineers Project


Another group arriving on Carn Kie


Part of Redruth School 'set-up'


A pair of 'knockers' (!!)


There's another knocker over on the left !!

And, below, a large contingent from Chacewater School have just passed through the Redruth School encampent who were busy singing bawdy mining ditties ...



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