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Mining Heritage Project


(June/July 2008)


Whilst cycling along the Flat Lode Trail on Tuesday June 3, I came across a young lady who appeared to be trying to cover over the SW end of the Tramway tunnel with a large sheet of paper ... and, on a windy day, and at one end of a wind tunnel, it became apparent that the paper was going to be torn asunder!!

Undeterred, Alessandra ploughed on, and, with a little help from me and a group of bemused walkers, managed to get the information she needed for her part in the interesting project outlined on the left, and illustrated eventually with pictures taken on the evening of Monday June 30 when the Engine Houses became 'alive', and Tuesday July 1 when local schools set their efforts out on the trail and hillsides for all to see and enjoy !! Well done the Imagineers, artists and pupils for a great occasion !!

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