a remembrance of Cornish days


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This page is a brief record of some of the sights, flowers etc. we saw when we visited Marazion Marshes during mid May with Jane and Jonathan

Yellow Flag Irises on the edge of the marsh



Sea Spurrey flowering in the retaining wall at the edge of the NT property



This plant was also growing in the same wall ... it goes by the hi-fallutin' name of Pellitory-of-the-wall

As one heron stands half hidden in the reeds, its companion does a vertical take off before gliding off to another part of the marsh


Lily leaves (?) pushing up into the air




Jonathan pretending to be in total control of Smarty and Tilly ...


Milk Maids ... and Gunnera leaves


White, scented Rosa growing in quantity on the edge of the marsh



"What's for lunch today ?"


Catching the wind in Mounts Bay


On our way home ... a pit-stop at Philps for pasties ... watched this gent painting the mid side of his boat ... will it dry before the rising tide gets up there ??


... and, finally, the 'bottom' line ... a pair of nickers ...

A local pasty-nicker marauding by ...

... and another nicker with one eye on our pasties, tight-rope walking to attract our admiration (and crumbs ?)


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