a remembrance of Cornish days

Places in Cornwall (2)


A misty morning in Tehidy Woods

 Killifreth engine house near Scorrier woods ... one of the most elegant engine houses of them all ...

Killifreth engine house

Basset tunnel near Carnkie

 A view of the light at the end of the tunnel !!

The Basset tunnel on the Flat Load Trail as it dives under the road from Pool to Four Lanes. Who is that shapely person ... ?


 ... there she is again ... trying to touch the roof!

The photographer captures the artist capturing the misty scene at Towanroath above Wheal Coates at St Agnes' Head 

artist at Wheal Coates

view from Wheal Coates towards Porthtowan in mist

On the same day as the picture above I took this view of the sea mist gently drifting in from the Atlantic and moving up the valleys. This was a magical June morning.


This picture is a view from the SW side of St Agnes' Beacon looking SW towards Godrevy Lighthouse and Rosewall Hill nr St Ives



This picture was taken near St Agnes' Head as well, but I wished I had my spectacles at the time for I thought I was seeing Doble !!



Charcoal ... burnt tree in Tehidy



Affordable housing?

Pole-ish Jackdaws


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