a remembrance of Cornish days


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The sun setting behind gathering clouds as seen across St Ives Bay from Gwithian Towans

Sunset across St Ives Bay



South West from St Agnes, and past Wheal Coates ...


And, on a different day, an approaching storm coming towards the beach at Gwithian ...

approahing storm at Gwithian


sea washed and sun dried piece of tree at Portjh Kidney











Weathered driftwood tree on the shore at Porth Kidney between Lelant and Carbis Bay.

I wonder what sort of tree it was ?

Where did it originally grow ?

How did it become uprooted and follow its journey to St Ives Bay ?

vandalised sign at Menadarva


This sign, at Menadarva, indicates the state of the path beside the Red River to Gwithian (!)

vandalised sign at Rescajeage Farm


This sign, farther along the trail, immediately before Rescajeage is a sad sign for thirsty travellers (!)


Izzy poses for 'dog and bone' (Cockney)



(above) Is this a second Men an Scryfa ?

(below) Izzy, in another hidey-hole


Ears, and ears



I thought the days of outside toilets had long gone ... but no, here is one near Carn Brea


Sorry, there was an error (above) ...

 ... the signs at Menadarva and ...

original sign at Menadarva

... Rescajeage had been interfered with by a passing vandal ...

... here are the corrected signs.

original sign at Rescajeage Farm

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