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 Portreath beach pebble ...Isabel gave it to me to take home        

I was sitting on the beach admiring the pebbles and the local beauties, and then I noticed one of them giving me a kind of sideways look ...

 ... and I heard this little voice say ...

"Take me home with you"

So I did, and here we are

(the pebble, that is !!)

A distant view, taken from St Agnes' Beacon, of daffodil pickers in March

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Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?  In Unity Woods ..



Buoy meets girl...Potreath

Buoy meets girl ... Portreath !


Good to meet you, Koda ... we'll feel safer in the sea at Gwithian now!!

These two pictures are of Koda, an 80kg Newfoundland youngster we met at the local corn-stores on June 11. He is very affectionate, and extremely strong. We are told he is on stand-by at St Ives Bay in case the lifeboat's engine fails ... Koda (webbed feet and a powerful breast stroke) can tow all that tonnage to safety!!

The 'Blue Girl' ... who she was, or what she was meditating on we shall never know ... but there she was on the beach at Chapel Porth standing reflecting on, and in, the rock pool

Tilly waits patiently for Mum

whilst guarding the luggage in Portreath

on March 19th 2012





Tilly ... 'Ace of Speyeds' .. convalescing in the Tehidy Orchid Meadow .. June 17th



Come on ..

.. articulate carefully with me ..

"How Now! Brown Cow!"


A chance encounter with Merlin in Tehidy



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