a remembrance of Cornish days


More patterns observed whilst walking the paths and beaches in Cornwall


Portreath harbour wall

Part of Portreath harbour wall, on the beach side, Was more than one architect involved ?


Trumpets 'growing' on the wall ...

moss or lichen ?

...and enlarged >>>>>

moss or lichen ?

Footprints in the sand

I shall pass this place (with my dog)

but twice ... 

What is this ???

The Silver Helmet

Is it a picture of a silver visor

From a warrior’s suit of armour ?

P’raps from Rome or Troy

Part of the wooden horse ploy ?

Or from a gladiator fallen

Ancestral roots distinctly Phrygian ?

No … it’s not an ancient piece of mail

But a sun-dried shining snail trail !!


Algae (?) on the rocks on the cliff edge near Portreath


Lichen on rocks near Portreath

Wet sand patterns

Wet sand patterns on Gwithian beach

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