a remembrance of Cornish days

Some patterns observed whilst walking the paths and beaches in Cornwall


What on earth is this (below) ??

Multiple Ostrich beaks ?

Birds in flight frozen into a column ??

The leg of a prehistoric beast recently cloned and brought back to Cornwall ??

... see top of adjoining column >>>>

Close up of the thick stem of the Giant Echium

I have seen many of these locally ... often 10 feet tall or more ... with leaves on and at the top many blue flowers ...

Yes ... its the 'trunk' of the giant Echium taken in close-up ... this one was near Ellenglaze, Holywell Bay.

and, the picture below is that of a cauliflower stalk ... similar ...


caulifolwer stalk

A natural 'google-map' on rocks on the cliff edge near St Agnes' Head   >>>>




moss (?) or lichen on ash tree

Found on an ash tree ... a moss (?) looking like lace ...

closer view of left hand picture

... and here is a close-up of part of the pattern

Some high summer cloud full of, what look like contorted faces, looking deceptively still but probably moving at high speed.

unusual cloud formation

growth on piece of driftwood on beach

A piece of wood washed up on the beach at Gwithian was covered in this 'growth' making the most fascinating of 'fractal' patterns

Emmental rock ?

No! The wall of a quarry on the North side of Carn Marth

Perhaps drilling practice ?

A boring job at the best of times !

Probably get cheesed off as well !

Quarry on Carn Marth ... drill holes in cliff

Sunshine and rippling water on the beach

Sun-lit ripples at the edge of the sea at Gwithian.

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