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 Nobby Frewin

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Nobby and Sheena

These pages are for our good friend Nobby Frewin, and in memory of his dear wife Sheena. here seen together on the left.


 Below are Nobby's second and fourth works of watercolour wizadry. To those of you who know Nobby, and still keep in touch with him, please let him know what you think of his efforts! I am told that he is open to sensible

offers for the original paintings.




When interviewed about this latest piece of work, destined for the Tate & Lyle in the New Year, Nobby wiped the paint from his brow and described this as his 'best so far' and announced it's title as 'The Rose of Treleigh'


Nooby's rendition of 'The Rose of Treleigh'

Painting number four from Nobby, spring 2007 ...

A pair of indian runner ducks in a 'necking session' ... this man is developing his talent in leaps and bounds. This picture might be developed into a card for Valentines Day next year ... lovers of the world unite!!


Don't mention oranges!!


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