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Friends Nobby and Sheena Frewin

This page is for our good friend Nobby Frewin, and his wife Sheena, They used to run the newsagent's shop in Portreath, here in Cornwall. Sadly they had to retire prematurely from this due to ill health. We miss seeing them behind the counter, with their cheerful banter. Nobby is now wheelchair bound and has recently started taking art lessons so, having discussed this idea with them both, we decided to set up this page on which we could show the world what Nobby's artistic efforts are like, and also let loose one of Nobby's jokes or 'comment of the day'. We were all saddened to hear late 2007 that Sheena had passed away after a long battle against cancer ... what a brave lady she was, and we send our condolences to Nobby at his huge loss and wish him 'all the best' .



Nobby's first attempt at watercolour painting


Herewith, as promised, Nobby's first attempt at capturing an old clifftop engine house in watercolours.

To those of you who know Nobby, and still keep in touch with him, please let him know what you think of his efforts!

Erstwhile residents at Harbour House. Nobby and Sheena have now moved to Berkshire.



Here is Nobby's composition for March 2007... I gave him a number of my photos from my travels around the County, since this is now difficult for him, and this picture of sunrise looking SE from Treskillard towards Wheal Frances was the one he decided to paint. What a great job he has done !! This was completed to celebrate his recent 70th birthday.


Nobby's painting of s sunrise

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