Dydhyow kernewek kovadh = a remembrance of Cornish days

"Dydhyow kernewek kovadh"

(A remembrance of Cornish Days)



Take only photographs

 ... leave only footprints


 Why the website name


It comes from the beginning of the word PHOTOGRAPHS and the end of the word FOOTPRINTS


A personal website intended as a place for comment on time spent living in Cornwall, seeing the beautiful countryside, flora and fauna at all seasons of the year, and meeting the people who live and work here. There are pictures of places visited, wild flowers, wildlife, and all those things which interest me and catch my eye, and occasional poems deriving from local events.

 These poems include: Newcomers demanding 'change', proposed dump at Scorrier, buzzing bees, mis-shapen strawberries, scramble bikers, missing Nepalese Choir, abandoned Teddy Bears, loud cockerels in Probus, the Tortoise Sanctuary, Phoenix Stroke Appeal unwanted Christmas gifts, jerry can queues for fuel and Pasty Tax, Buzzards, Red Phone Boxes, Tardis Trips, Goal line technology, The new Pool road system, dead moles, The 2012 London Olympics etc



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  (1) Places (8pp)

  (2) Flora (4pp)

   (3) Fauna (5pp)

  (4) Patterns & 'Faces' (4pp)

  (5) People & Events (4pp)

plus 3 extra pages about the Shire Horses

  (6) Nobby Frewin (2pp)

  (7) Poem Page (26pp)

  (8) Signs of the Times ?

  (9) Oddities

  (10) Contacts & Links


"Here's looking at you Babe!"





The latest poems for the above 'collection' are numbers 23, 24, 25 and 26 which 'deal with' assorted problems .. Incessant Rain, Abu Qatada, Duncan Warren and a proposed Dual Carriageway at Temple!

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