a remembrance of Cornish days


Local flora (4)


A late spring crop of narcissi below St Agnes' Beacon


"Squills of delight!"

Slow progress, on the cliffs above Portreath


A natural barrier to progress, in the form of a piece of dead rose runner ... the thorns have an uncanny resemblance to the upper fin of an army of approaching 'Jaws'


White valerian

Red valerian


A sandwort flower


Sandwort flowers


Sea Campion


Sea Campion bud

(on the left)

Plantain flower



Wood anemones


Wood anemones


A wood anemone flower


Valerianella (Lamb's Lettuce)



Poppy head skeleton


I'll be candid! I think it's Angelica ..


Blue geranium

"The gloves are off!"

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