a remembrance of Cornish days

Local flora (2)





Four pictures (above and right) ... 


 ... feeding time on Knapweed, between showers, on cliffs near Basset Cove

Dew on moss flowers

Dew on moss 'flowers' (above)

Rosemary 'fairies'

Who or what are these dancing 'fairies' ??

(Flowers on Rosemary ... ! )



Moss on young tree


Pennywort clinging to a quarry wall


Dew on lichen on tree in Tehidy

A Deptford pink and its seed heads

A rarely seen Deptford pink, and some of its seed heads, found growing near Portreath


Flower buds on Gunnera

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Large tree with door in Tehidy Park



Wet web


Dodder, on Gorse

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