a remembrance of Cornish days

Local flora (1)




Short ode to the celandine



Glittering, glittering celandine

How we admire your golden shine!

Reflecting back the sun in spring

In dappled woods .. you are the king

With nodding bluebells as your foil

And stately ferns as they uncoil

So, welcome, little golden flower

Star carpet of this woodland bower!




Above...larch cones forming

Below spring leaves on Sycamore


Two tone blue milkwort (polygala)


Beautiful Milkwort (Polygala) .. a very small flower .. often not noticed, and usually this two-tone blue colour ... other colours do occur.


Milkwort (Polygala) in many coloursd


Eyebright ... small flowers ... 


... but lots of them


The highly scented and low-growing cliff plant, the Burnet Rose




A clump of Inula near Illogan Woods


Verbascum being demolished by a caterpillar (Hawkmoth ?)



Bea feeding on Allium


Flowers on Chicory plants


Dog Rose

Hedge Parsley bonanza of flowers


Plantain 'crowns'



"Im Sorrel, I'll say that again .."




Squills of delight!




Shrinking violets?


Watercress in flower on the roadside

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