a remembrance of Cornish days

 Local fauna (2)  it's us again !!don't forget me !!




If you don't like spiders ... look away now!!!

This compact ball of tiny spiders was attached to a haphazard arrangement of web on the cliffs above Portreath. When disturbed they began to spread out. I've looked in various books but can't find what they are ...

Each is spherical, yellow and there is an elongated black triangle from the back around to the underside.



The Dragonfly

Have you noticed that all dragonflies

Have great big shining googly eyes ?

Placed so that they can all-round espy,

For something tasty might pass by …

Like a character from Dr Who

They arrive at speed from out the blue

Seeking mosquitoes for the day’s menu

Darting erratically fro and to

A beautiful, swift and silent flyer.

Butterflies and bugs, your fate is dire.

This dragonfly might you desire

A tasty meal so quickly acquired



Two more pictures of our




 August 2011 dragonfly visitor



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