a remembrance of Cornish days


 Local fauna (1)  make believe heron on roof of house on Carn Marthsame heron


A I don't mind sitting here whilst she reads the book ... what I object to is being flattened when I'm used as a bookmark in between reading sessions !


A slow worm encountered on New Path near Portreath ...


A Small Copper butterfly, one of a few found on drying grass in the Chapel Porth valley ... it is no more than 2.5 centimetres in wingspan.

Refuelling stop on veined geranium

A collection of pictures of caterpillars emerging from the webs in which they were left as eggs

From which butterfly or moth?



These constructions were on blackthorn bushes on North Cliffs west of Portreath

Are they 'Meer'-Caterpillars?

This description is courtesy of LLoyd Uren RE (retired), the expert on caterpillar tracks!

4 pictures of Oyster Catchers reflecting on the beach at Godrevy





Egret at Copperhouse Creek


Gull on 'standing' stone ?

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