a remembrance of Cornish days

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  My email address is

You might be interested to visit another of my websites, concerned with 'hiding' Cornish Place Names in cryptic crossword form,

This is at  www.crypticplaces.co.uk


For websites carrying information and/or images of Cornish places and wildlife try the ones below, on the left and right of the page. I particularly recommend the photos section of

 ...  Radio Cornwall

 ... cornwall wildlife trust

  ... cornwallcam. 


If you are looking to visit this area of Cornwall, perhaps to walk the Coast Trail, or the many woods, and attractions like Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, Shire Horse Farm etc and you need a place to stay then contact Blue Chip Holidays .

Blue Chip Holidays are a nationally recognized, self catering holiday accommodation company.

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Above ... "Love's Charm" ...

... one of Rachel Henson's lovely, imaginative paintings.

Rachel is a local artist here in Cornwall.

 View her website and galleries on













 Were you responsible for this litter left behind on St Agnes' Head ?

Shame on you ...

 Remember !!  Whether you live here, or are just visiting ...

Take only photographs

 Leave only footprints

If you have the strength to carry your bottles, sandwich packs and other paraphernalia to the beach or coastpath, then surely you have sufficient strength left to carry your empty bottles and packaging back home ? We hope you have enjoyed your day and the beautiful scenery ... please allow others to do likewise ...

... in some establishments tips and deposits are acceptable, but, please, not on our paths and beaches !!


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