a remembrance of Cornish days


Signs of the Times?



Has the sign slipped, or the house tilted?

In any event, it's your move!



Picture taken locally at Christmas .. the young lady behind the counter refused to pose behind this sign!


Enigma or anagram?


Should it read 'Disbaled Badges' to match the rest?

(Sorry about the reflected flash)


Sorry, no 'ellogs this morning!


These acres are quite hilly, therefore not 'even', apart from which there are 7 acres, which is 'odd'!

"Damn! The doorway is too narrow!"


Is it 'Built in field' or 'Bull in field'? This could be useful knowledge!




(Left, and below) The sign has done exactly what it says ... !


Why are Kerrier Council Members not allowed on Portreath Beach?




Sounds good to me !!



'STORE' is spelt S T O R E

not  P A S T I E S !!


Watch out for the speed hemps .. sorry ! humps !

"And about time too !!"

Two aliens ... Tehidy Woods















      Now, that's a pity !


   Looks like Tehidy isn't the only 'forbidden' zone!





... and who ever heard of a dog so talented it could feed pigeons whilst riding a bike ?

We look after the elderly really well down here in Cornwall !!

'An Gof' is a famous Cornish surname ... pronounced 'Angove' !!

Perhaps, after a few of these strong ales there could be a`resulting 'An Gof-er' ?



Perhaps 'ang on' might have been more appropriate?


'An Gof' is a famous Cornish surname ... pronounced 'Angove' !!

I think those who live here may have had a few unwanted presents delivered!


The Environment Agency tried to warn us, years ago .. long before the Unstable Banks led us into deep water!!



"Il n'y a que l'eau que l'eau qui dort!"




I'm not going that way to the

next Cat Show ...

This page is 'Signs of the Times?'